Generator Installation

Generator Installation in Thronton, CO

Installing Whole House Generators in Denver & Beyond

If you’ve been left without power after a storm or power outage, you know how frustrating it is. In addition to worrying about food spoiling in your refrigerator and freezer, your life comes to a standstill. A whole house backup generator can solve this problem by providing you with uninterrupted power in almost any situation.

At Just In Time Electrical Services, we specialize in generator installation in Thornton, Denver, and beyond. We can help you select a unit that’s right for your home and provide you with superior installation services.

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Benefits of Installing a Generator in Your Home

The immediate benefit of installing a generator in your home is that you will have uninterrupted power, regardless of inclement weather or other power-outage events.

Other benefits of installing a home generator include:

  • Keeping your home running when bad weather knocks out your power
  • Local power outages do not affect your home
  • Uninterrupted power, meaning no food spoilage or other waste
  • Maintaining heating and cooling systems during a blackout
  • Continuing use of televisions and other electronic devices during an outage
  • Preventing damage done during a surge when power is resumed
  • Keeping a home up and running for days in the event of natural disasters

Backup generators generally run on propane or natural gas and offer you a way to keep your home operating smoothly through an unexpected power outage. Generators will turn on automatically when the power goes out, meaning that even if you are not home, your appliances and electrical systems will stay running. This can give you peace of mind.

How Close Can a Generator Be to a House

Due to the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, a generator should be at least 5-10 feet away from all windows and doors. It needs to be installed where there is sufficient ventilation to prevent CO poisoning. The exact distance a generator needs to be from a home ultimately depends on local ordinances.

Selecting Your Generator

The size of your home and your personal needs will determine the kind and size of generator you should install. Our professionals will discuss your power needs with you and guide you in selecting the right product before moving forward with your generator installation in Thornton, Denver, or the surrounding areas. We will never pressure you to buy things you do not need, and we will always give you our honest opinion.

At Just In Time Electrical Services, we know how important it is to work with reliable electricians. After we have installed your generator, we will be sure you understand how it operates, and should you have questions or require generator repair or service after the fact, we are one phone call away.

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